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About Us

Networking Professionals of Pasadena, is a chapter of Experience Unlimited, an organization where executive, technical, and managerial professionals meet and network to pursue employment opportunities.

Networking Professionals of Pasadena is driven by the synergy of professional job-seekers and employers in facilitating personal growth, and networking.

Networking Professionals of Pasadena provides its members with an opportunity to maintain and develop professional skills by participating in leadership of the organization. Through involvement in various committees, members assist in developing, planning, and implementing events, web pages, newsletters, and workshops to help each other advance their careers. At no cost to members, resources, equipment, and facilities are provided.

The mission of the Experience Unlimited - Networking Professionals of Pasadena - is to assist members in developing employment opportunities through a mutual support network, which provides self-marketing training, career development seminars, and professional job matching.

News and Events